Friday Inspiration, Vol. 194

screen capture from Can't Ski Vegas

As far as all-time bachelor/bachelorette parties go, this one has to be pretty high up on the list (video):


Boredom is highly underrated. We the people want to be entertained, and we have long disdained dullness. But researchers and scholars argue that boredom is an important adaptive function and can be good for us.”

How speed climber Nims Purja rekindled everyone’s hopes of summiting K2 this year—by charging up the mountain in front of them.

I guess when you give unsolicited advice to a woman you assume is pregnant, something like this could happen.

As far as climbing goes, Quincy Quarries is no Yosemite, but maybe that’s why it’s so interesting?

My friend Dakota is doing a Kickstarter for his book Everything I Loved More, about climbing, hopping trains, hitchhiking, and generally adventuring on almost zero budget. (I read an earlier draft of the manuscript and thought it was a really fun and interesting read)

I can’t quite put my finger on why Casey Neistat’s video about leaving New York after 18 years affected me, but it did, just a little bit. (video)

A post from the Semi-Rad archives this week: How to Get Your New Boyfriend/Girlfriend To Hate Your Sport


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