Friday Inspiration, Vol. 193

screen capture from Choss Whisperer

Cheyne Lempe directed a great short film about Mike Libecki’s quest to climb around the world, occasionally on decent rock (video):

“All these new companies have tried to put me out of business. But you can never chase the little guy away if the little guy is dedicated and wants to fight.”
—Ira Belfer, owner of the last surviving Captain Video in San Mateo, California

Joe Grant and Dean Leslie’s film about Joe’s quest to bike to and climb all of Colorado’s 14ers is finally online. (coincidentally, I first met Joe when I was driving my old Semi-Rad van down from Guanella Pass and he was pedaling up it to do his first of the 50-plus mountains—I saw this guy with crazy blonde hair sticking out of his helmet, slowed down and said, “Are you Joe?” “Yeah, are you Brendan?” “Yeah, nice to meet you. … Do you need anything?” “Nope, thanks.” “Well, good luck!”

My pal Jayson (you may remember him from our How to Run 100 Miles film) writes about everything going wrong in his last 100-mile attempt.

Adventure Journal’s Steve Casimiro goes on The Dirtbag Diaries to talk about his career and how he decided to start his own print publication a few years ago. (podcast)

A comic about men who just won’t let women pass them while running in the park

My friend Mitsu introduced me to the Quartz Obsession email a few months ago and I am really, really into it. Two from this week: Claw cranes and Fika (which quotes my friend and cookbook co-author Anna Brones!).

From the Semi-Rad archives this week: Less Serious Accidents In North American Mountaineering 2017


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