Friday Inspiration, Vol. 192

I’m just going to bet that this short documentary on Bob Ross will make you happy, just like Bob Ross may have done over the years (video):

This @upsdogs Instagram post is art.

If you get one-fourth the joy I did out of Curbed’s guide to Googie architecture, you’ll be having a pretty good day today.

“But one thing some fans don’t know about “Big Lee” Smith is he also was considered perhaps the greatest napper in baseball history, an unofficial designation Smith was only too happy to discuss on the eve of his induction [into the Baseball Hall of Fame].”

A Pre-Schooler’s Guide To Managing Your Personal Assistant

No big deal, these guys just climbed and skied Denali, after bicycling there from Salt Lake City.

I had a great chat with writer Shawnté Salabert for an Adventure Journal piece about my new book last week.

A post from the Semi-Rad archives this week: The Value of Just Going

Reminder: If you’re in Denver or the Front Range: the folks at Feral Mountain Co. are hosting a launch party for my new book, Bears Don’t Care About Your Problems, at 7 p.m. on August 1. I’ll be telling the story of how starting a website to write funny stuff for zero readers eventually turned into a career, and then sign books and chat afterward. More info here.


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