Friday Inspiration, Vol. 188

screen capture from The Icebreaker

A visually stunning video of icebreaker ships crossing the Barents Sea (video):

Researchers dropped off more than 17,000 “lost” wallets in 40 countries over the course of more than two years, assuming that the more money they left in the wallets, the less likely they’d be returned. Researchers assumed wrong.

“My global foot journey, a project I call the Out of Eden Walk, is an experiment in slow journalism. In six-and-a-half years, I’ve covered nearly eleven thousand miles between my starting point, at an Ethiopian fossil site called Herto Bouri, and my current location, in the jungle hills of northeastern India.”

Is anyone else listening to Ear Hustle? I’m almost through season one and loving it. (Thanks, Luke!)

I’m not sure how many people read this blog and also like baseball, but if you do, this is a fantastic book.

Cleaning or working with your hands instead of writing? It might not be because you’re procrastinating.

If you like to laugh, you might like Chaz Hutton’s new Instagram account.

A post from the Semi-Rad archives this week: Introducing the “Heavy Backpack Workout”


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