Friday Inspiration, Vol. 185

screen capture from For Pastor Sverri Steinholm, running in the Faroe Islands is Spiritual

“I do like to go in the mountains when it is very rough. To feel the nature scratching you, it’s good, I think.”
—Faroese pastor and trail runner Sverri Steinholm (video)



“Traveling to or through difficult-to-access places is rarely easy or straightforward. At some point it’s going to get downright difficult, if not seemingly impossible. I relish these moments more now than ever before: I can’t google the answer; Can’t call information and ask them what to do; Can’t call ‘time out,’ can’t push a button and be transported elsewhere. I have to put the brakes on, slow down ’til I am here and nowhere else, and figure out a solution. Often that means grin and bear it, and move a few feet every few minutes. Sometimes it means retreat and find a better way. Occasionally it means sit down and wait for something to change. Any one of the above is priceless.

Stand-up paddling the Colorado River, source to sea

18 of the World’s Most Delightful Airport Features (including Milwaukee’s used/rare bookstore!)

Letter of Recommendation: Washing Dishes

“It’s the, ah, yellow thing, with a peel, stuck to a bunch of other ones, it’s a fruit, uh …”

“Kathy washed the fossilized bones in the sink on the back porch, lay them on the basement ping-pong table amid her collected agates and quartz and wondered: Who do you call when you find a dinosaur?

A post from the Semi-Rad archives this week: Do You Have Obsessive Campfire Adjustment Syndrome?


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