Friday Inspiration, Vol. 184

screen capture from PLS DO NOT COUNT THIS

Here’s a part-fun, part-white-knuckle, not new but new-to-me short film about a bike commuter in Johannesburg (video):

Floyd Martin retired after 35 years as a mail carrier, and this Twitter thread chronicling his last two days of work keeps getting better as you scroll down.

Ryan Van Duzer has started a new series on his YouTube channel in which he interviews people while running with them—in the latest episode, he runs with ultra-badass Courtney Dauwalter. (video)

‘Not Just a Maid’: The Ultra-Running Domestic Workers of Hong Kong

Endurance cyclist Alexandera Houchin’s recipe for success in the 350-mile Dirty Kanza XL: Snickers, Powerade, no sleeping gear, no padded shorts, cutoffs, boots, flat pedals.

There Are Two Types Of Airport People

Please enjoy Quartz’s deep dive into the history of 7-Eleven (thanks, Mitsu)

A post from the Semi-Rad archives this week: Do You Have Obsessive Campfire Adjustment Syndrome?


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