Friday Inspiration, Vol. 183

screen capture from Geoff McFetridge: AIGA Medalist

Geoff McFetridge, whose work you have probably seen whether you know it or not, talks about his career in art and design (video)

How looking at your phone less can help you live longer

How Music Festival Posters Look To Me Now

A beautiful short film about Joe Grant breaking the record for the insane Nolan’s 14 (video)

I don’t know what to say about this interview with Keanu Reeves, other than it gave me new respect for both him and the interviewer/writer.

The Ringer compiles The 25 Best High School Movies

“The myth that urban areas are creative and rural areas are not is just that: a myth.”

Speaking of rural creativity, our friends at Big Driftless in Decorah, Iowa, just started making backpacks this week.

A post from the Semi-Rad archives this week: Backpacking is Sexy


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