Friday Inspiration, Vol. 182

screen capture from King of the Manhattan Lap

We all (hopefully) have our thing, and Kenny Unser’s thing is doing laps around Manhattan by kayak—more than 70 of them so far. (video)

I was pretty blown away that my niece could solve a Rubik’s cube in about three minutes, but then I watched the video of this robot built by MIT students that solved one in 0.38 seconds.

Why a 65-year-old dentist sold his practice and retired to cook in restaurants

If you’ve seen those internet ads saying “Gut Doctor: I Beg Americans To Throw Out This Vegetable Now,” you might be interested in one writer’s fairly epic quest to figure out what the hell the actual damn vegetable is.

Have you read the Beastie Boys Book yet? I’m about three-quarters through it and loving it, and I also just discovered someone made a companion Spotify playlist for it.

Dale the Dog sinks a 40-foot “putt”

I sat down with Fidi Naj and Dave McAllister, one of my favorite interviewers ever (we go way back to the Climb Talk Radio show), and had a fun conversation about climbing, running, and creating things (podcast or Apple Podcast)

A post from the Semi-Rad archives this week: Summit Day


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