Friday Inspiration, Vol. 181

screen capture from diamondback's siblings video

This Diamondback video about siblings gets a lot of things right, but most of all for me, the punches in the arm: (video)

I hope you can enjoy this story about the unparalleled ubiquity of Smash Mouth’s “All Star”—sports stadiums, commercials, movie soundtracks, memes, YouTube videos, and a Broadway musical—without getting the song stuck in your head.

“I had accidentally discovered one of the great disadvantages of books (a medium that is not exactly short on disadvantages at the moment). There is no team of brilliant and vaguely sinister engineers, cooking up ways to get you binge reading. There is no auto-play technology frictionlessly delivering you from one chapter of the novel you’re reading to the next. There is only you, alone in the silence of your room with a chapter break before you and your phone cooing at you from the dresser.”

I just finished Harrison Scott Key’s The World’s Largest Man and I am quite comfortable saying it is one of the ten funniest books I’ve ever read (thanks for the recommendation, Alex)

A brief history of neon signage in cities

Did anyone else listen to Spotify’s podcast about The Clash (hosted by Chuck D!)?

“I’m not anti-Kondo, but you can put me down as a firm skeptic. I believe that the physical things you collect as you move through your life—even those that don’t make your stomach flip with joy—add up to something more than their individual utility or aesthetic appeal or heirloom potential. They aren’t just things, they’re your things. And if you remove yourself from the picture, the stuff you surround yourself with tells a story about you. It is a physical autobiography you write by living.

My friend Shannon and her daughter Devon are crowdfunding a graphic novel about a teenage girl superhero who works with the animal world to save the Earth from the sixth extinction—info here.

A post from the Semi-Rad archives this week: 10 Tips To Help Lighten Your Backpack


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