Friday Inspiration, Vol. 179

I know it’s a little late for ice skating films, but this is pretty great (video)

I don’t have a strong dislike or love for birds, but I just found this book in a bookstore in Atlanta and it’s hilarious.

Really interesting podcast/story on treating pain with pain (story) (podcast)(thanks, Abby)

Please enjoy this map and glossary of the types of Mexican food in the United States

“YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix are all in the streaming-content game, so why should Minnesota’s fourth-largest provider of medical supplies be any different?“
New Streaming Services, By Brian Agler

“Grief caused by the loss of winter can often lead us to feel alone and isolated. You are not alone. While the end of winter occurs at different times throughout the northern hemisphere, it happens to everyone. Turn to your friends and family members for support. Now is the time to lean on those who best understand your grief—your bartender, the seasoned lifty, your local ski tech. By engaging in open and honest dialogue about your feelings at this time, you can help each other overcome the obstacle of grieving the end of another ski season.”

A post from the Semi-Rad archives this week: The Gas Tank Is 1/4 Full, Or 3/4 Empty

Your last reminder: Only 5 more days to pre-order a copy of my new book of illustrations, Chart Imitates Life.