Friday Inspiration, Vol. 171

screen capture from Neighborhood Golf Association
The golfer who plays on the streets of New York City + 7 other links

“I’m doing something different. If other people are getting a kick out of it, that’s my success. I can’t pay the rent with it, but it does fill my heart with joy.”
—Patrick Q.F. Barr, aka Tiger Hood, aka Nappy Gilmore (video)

If you think the internet is full of nothing but bad news, I present you with the story of this Wendy’s in Knoxville, Tennessee that let two touring bands play sets there.

Introducing Our New and Baffling Recycling Program

“We can flip through a radio dial or playlist at high speed, almost immediately recognising whether we like what’s playing or not. In 2010, the musicologist Robert Gjerdingen of Northwestern University in Illinois showed that snippets under 400 milliseconds – literally the blink of an eye – can be sufficient for people to identify a song’s genre (whether it’s rap, country or jazz), and last year Krumhansl showed that snippets of similar length can be sufficient for people to identify an exact song (whether it’s Public Enemy’s Fight the Power or Billy Ray Cyrus’s Achy Breaky Heart).”

If you have a solo adventure in mind and you’d like some help, you can still apply for the Kyle Dempster Solo Adventure Award until March 15.

Grand Canyon NP ranger Elyssa Shalla wanted to know what visitors to the Grand Canyon thought—so she put a typewriter at Plateau Point for three days and invited people to type love notes. (thanks, Deborah)

This is how you write a joke on Twitter

A post from the Semi-Rad archives for this week: 20 Alex Honnold Facts


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