Friday Inspiration, Vol. 169

I love the music choice in this short film, about a couple of Muslim skateboarding brothers from Alabama—one of whom happens to work for NASA (video)

I don’t know what else to say about these photos of Antarctica, besides stating that your life will be better if you look at them.

Oliver Sacks, in a tough essay written while he was approaching his own death, considers our smartphone-addicted culture.

Is music getting louder? Yes. But maybe not quite how you think.

How to Run 100 Miles, our film about my friend Jayson Sime, came out a year ago this week, and is doing the rounds with several film festival tours right now. Jayson convinced me we could finish a 100-mile race, and I convinced him he could write. He just posted his 25th blog entry last week, and it’s about positive reframing—which is a technique he’s been using on me for years, and I’ve gradually adopted myself.

The folks at the Safety Third podcast have a hell of a story for you: How Josh Jespersen dealt with multiple tragedies by climbing and splitboarding all of Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountains—in record time.

Nas lists his favorite 5 hip hop songs of all time in 53 seconds (video)

HOLY SHIT these photos of wild black leopards