Friday Inspiration, Vol. 165

Screen capture from If You Can

I am almost 100 percent sure that this quote is not actually from Winston Churchill, but this short film is great. (video)

How a Stroke Turned a 63-Year-Old Into a Rap Legend

I just took this test to tell me how many books I could read in a year, based on my reading speed.

This news is apparently a few months old already, but have you seen this 1,700-mile hiking trail connecting 17 national parks in Chile? (Or have you quit your job to thru-hike it already?)

Outside’s Peter Frick-Wright tags along on highpointer John Mitchler’s obsessive third attempt to climb the not-at-all-sought-after 3,000-foot high point of the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.

Long story here: I met this guy Cody at one of my book signings 2 1/2 years ago, and he had just moved back to Iowa after getting a graphic design degree and living in California and Oregon, and was trying to figure out how he was going to make it work back in his home state. I found out he started this company called Big Driftless, named after an area of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois that I didn’t know was a thing, despite the fact that I went to high school about a half-hour away from the southwest edge of it. I bought a t-shirt, and Cody shipped it to me with an incredibly thoughtful and heartfelt three-page letter about how he’s been working to figure out life, how my book resonated with him, and saying thanks for buying a t-shirt. I don’t know how many people from that area of the United States or are curious about it, and I don’t know Cody all that well and don’t want to take liberty with his personal story, he’s making some cool stuff and I’m proud of him probably as much as you can be of someone you don’t know that well. If you want to check out his Big Driftless stuff, it’s here.


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