Friday Inspiration, Vol. 164

screen capture from Hello Singapore

A fascinating two-minute time-lapse flow motion portrait of Singapore (video):

The most popular condiment in every U.S. state, mapped.

In the time you spend on social media each year, you could read 200 books (also included: how to actually do it)(from 2017)

Top Dinner Suggestions According To A Three-Year-Old’s Eating Habits

I don’t know if you’d say this is “inspiring,” but it might inspire you to spend less time on your phone (video).

Look, I detest clutter just as much as Marie Kondo (I think I do anyway), but I agree with Anakana Schofield when it comes to books—my books are not clutter. All 300 of them, or whatever.

Is pizza a model of an open-source platform that could save the world?

Ed Roberson reads more books than anyone I’ve ever met. I highly recommend checking out/signing up for his thoughtful bimonthly book recommendation email.


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