Friday Inspiration, Vol. 162

screen capture from Jágrlama

You have probably never thought to yourself that Jaromir Jagr should travel to Ladakh to teach kids to play hockey, but this two-minute film will convince you (video):

The New Yorker’s Not-to-Be-Missed Shouts of 2018

“When I am pushed, the words disappear. My head become a blank piece of paper. Not even the mountains can change that. When I am told to, “speak up,” I shut down. I wear my introversion like a shield. I crave the silence of being alone in the woods, the way it falls around my shoulders. Being stuck in a group, even the best group, is difficult for me. I can’t tune others out and my overactive mind processes and analyzes everything. I retreat because I am exhausted. I need a space without words, a space to close the door. A space that most expeditions and adventures don’t easily allow.”
—Nikki Hodgson, “The Struggles of an Introverted Adventurer”

Behold the tale of Merle Hamburger, the Australian shepherd who refused to die in the mountains—for three weeks

“Findings suggest that those scoring high in narcissism make positive first impressions because people perceive them to have high self-esteem, causing them to overlook their narcissism (even in dating profiles). However, people aren’t attracted to the narcissism per se, and the pattern of greater liking was reversed when perceivers were explicitly told that people scored high in narcissism. Why are so many people misperceiving narcissism as self-esteem?

Colin O’Brady becomes the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unsupported
(If you haven’t seen the New York Times’ interactive piece about O’Brady and Louis Rudd’s race to be first, it’s worth checking out here)

Videos of adult children asking step-parents to adopt them never get old (just my opinion)


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