Friday Inspiration, Vol. 161

I spent 11 minutes watching Mark Rober design a glitter bomb/fart spray package to ruin the day of a person who was stealing packages off his porch, and you can too. (video)

I highly recommend reading this story about how Shirley Wang’s dad, a cat litter scientist living in Muscatine, Iowa, came to be close friends with Charles Barkley.

Scott is dedicating himself to writing something every day in January and making it easy for you to do the same thing.

Why We All Take The Same Travel Photos (or do we?)

If you watch a chain of several videos in a Twitter thread this week, watch a few of these teenagers getting pulled up on stage to sing with their favorite musicians.

Thanks (?) to my friend Jason Tyler Burton, I now know there is a #bananart hashtag on Instagram. And it’s pretty impressive.

Denver/Boulder folks: I’m doing a Denver Public Library Author Visit at Improper City in RiNo in Denver on January 12—you can reserve a spot here. I promise fun.