Friday Inspiration, Vol. 158

screen capture from Tamba

A 2-minute short about a gift from a stranger (video):

Chaz Hutton draws “Mascots for the Rest of Us” (ex. The Mascot for People Who Don’t Want to Go Out and Socialize but Also Really Don’t Want to Be Alone Right Now)

The Simple Joy of “No Phones Allowed” (thanks, Al)

Ali Carr Troxell shares a heartbreaking account of how her 71-year-old father was lost at sea on his solo around-the-world trip in 2017.

Do we have a moral obligation to leave Facebook? A philosopher makes his case.

Here’s an idea: Let’s capitalize the word “Human” (you know, like we do with American, Chinese, French, etc.)

I think this guy’s hands-free Oreo dispenser could revolutionize ultramarathon aid stations.

Competitive ploughing is unquestionably a sport, in that it’s an organised physical activity with a governing body and strict rules, but it’s fair to say that the physique of a world-class ploughman doesn’t immediately call to mind a Novak Djokovic or a Cristiano Ronaldo. Ploughing – after sufficient immersion – can quietly thrill in its display of precision and technique, but it is not a pastime that requires fitness or even a healthy BMI.”


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