Friday Inspiration, Vol. 157

[BIG NOTE FROM ME: Today apparently marks three years of me doing these Friday Inspiration posts. Thank YOU for reading them.]

I’m giving you a money-back guarantee that this portrait of surfer Dan Schetter will make you smile (video):

This kid used his time playing in a between-periods game at a Philadelphia Flyers game to … pick a fight with Gritty, the new mascot.

Never before seen deleted scene from John Carpenter’s “Halloween” (video)

“That’s why I’m introducing Friendship Plus. For just $9.95 a month, you will have the same access to me that you’ve always enjoyed, but at least I’ll have a reason to keep this charade going other than a profound sense of guilty obligation.”

A list of the best heist movies since ‘Heat’—“Because there are heist movies before ‘Heat,’ and heist movies after ‘Heat.’”

Explaining U.S. holidays to extraterrestrials

Watch a pika lipsync to Freddie Mercury for 46 seconds (video)

My friend Austin Siadak just started an online store where you can buy prints of his mountain photos from Patagonia, the Sierra, Yosemite, and elsewhere.