Friday Inspiration, Vol. 156

A New York Times look behind the scenes of the shooting of Free Solo (video):

25 reasons to keep creating stuff “in this era of flagrant dipshittery”:

RIP, lady who invented green bean casserole

A Review of That Movie Where Anakin Skywalker Makes Heart-Shaped Kale Pizza: From a chef who watched it over someone’s shoulder on a plane and further investigated for the greater good.

“I used to think if I could just express myself well enough, then everybody would be nice to me. Is this why I became a writer? The poet Marge Piercy says writing is its own cure. I have to like it better than being loved. And I have to like it better than being nice. But I don’t want to toughen up. I want the world to soften.”
—Amy Kurzweil on internet hate mail

Last week, lots of people celebrated the 25th anniversary of one of the greatest days in hip-hop history, Nov. 9, 1993, when Midnight Marauders and Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers both came out. Here’s a fun mash-up of the some of the beats from Midnight Marauders and the some of the vocals from 36 Chambers.

An oral history of Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged show, 25 years ago on November 18th.

I added a whole bunch of new prints to my print store this week, including the Outdoor Adventure Complaint Chart.