Friday Inspiration, Vol. 154

screen capture from How to Buy a Mountain Bike

Some helpful information on how to buy a mountain bike (video):

A visual history of every Air Jordan

The Pudding visualizes the world’s population in 3D

Reese’s built a machine that let people trade in Halloween candy they didn’t like and get Reese’s products instead.

Seth Godin: “I don’t write a blog because I have something to say; I have something to say because I have a blog” and other thoughts about media and marketing (podcast)

I’m sure your mayor is cool, but Taipei’s mayor, Ko Wen-je, just put out his first trap song (and video).

More scientific research on how dogs are good for us

I feel personally attacked by this article: If you have trouble sleeping, it might be because you’re too tired.

I had a quick chat about making stuff with Lisa Gerber of The Gear Show (podcast)

Some book news from me:
I have a new book out today, The Art of Getting Lost, full of ideas for adventures from a half day to a few months, and ideas of how to get more adventure in your life. (or, of course, subtly suggest to someone on your holiday shopping list that they might enjoy more adventure in their life)
(Amazon)(Barnes & Noble)(IndieBound)

Also, thanks to the folks at Mountaineers Books, my book Sixty Meters to Anywhere is now available as an audiobook on Audible.


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