Friday Inspiration, Vol. 153

Please watch these bears beating the shit out of trash cans and coolers as part of their product testing work at the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center in Montana. (video)

Moon footage, sped up, with techno music

A new study says there’s no such thing as too much exercise.

Even if you’re not into NBA basketball, this is a fascinating story about success, money, celebrity, losing it all, and finding peace.

You’re not the only one who talks nonsense to your spouse.

“Separating the most durable tunes from the millions of other would-be classics is no easy task. So we asked critics, musicians, and industry professionals to predict which tracks from the past 25 years we’ll still be dancing and singing along to for the next 100 years.”

If you’ve always wanted to profess your love for yellow mustard but weren’t sure how, Aaron Draplin has designed a hat for you.

After almost eight years of trying hard, my blog has won an award.


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