Friday Inspiration, Vol. 152

“A much more accurate depiction of an algorithm is that it’s an opinion embedded in math.”
—mathematician Cathy O’Neill (video)

Consider this when writing an obituary, or just thinking about your obituary

Craig’s Reaction, the story of Craig DeMartino’s 100-foot ground fall in a climbing accident and recovery, is now on Amazon Prime.

If you haven’t seen this around the internets already, meet Justin Gallegos, the first professional runner with cerebral palsy.

A classic from Wait But Why: The Great Perils of Social Interaction

How I Know You Wrote Your Kid’s College Essay

“I know I am not the strongest candidate. I do not have the highest GPA or SAT score. That is part of the reason why I am dedicating all 650 words of this essay to convincing your school that you should take a chance on me. Accept me, Dartmouth, and I will be your ride-or-die.”