Friday Inspiration, Vol. 150

screen capture from Switzerland in Miniature

Three minutes of Swiss scenery, but in miniature: (video)

Behold Otis, the champion of Katmai National Park’s 2018 Fat Bear Week.

Four life lessons from sea otters.

Just an online map of all of New York City’s 678,674 street trees.

The tragedy of the leaf blower is that it makes assholes of us all, users and neighbors alike.”

Is anyone else as obsessed with The Rewatchables as I am? (podcast)

“These are videos that aren’t meant to be shown in public” —Nick Prueher, on he and Joe Pickett’s massive collection of weird VHS tapes they’ve been collecting since 1991 (video)

Also, this is my 150th Friday Inspiration post. If you’ve been digging it, thanks for reading. If you think a friend might like it, please feel free to forward them this link to sign up for the email list.


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