Friday Inspiration, Vol. 149

screen capture from "Happy Animals" film

“You look at them, and you’re like, ‘What even is that? That’s the most ridiculous animal I’ve ever seen in my life.’ If you take an animal the size of a cat, with the body structure of a kangaroo, and stick a face of a smiling bear on top—that’s what a quokka is. That’s ridiculous.” (video)

If you’re in need of some good news, read this story of how the Baltimore zoo built a Lego wheelchair for an injured box turtle.

Sjors Horstman has volunteered more than 60,000 hours in the Grand Canyon, an average of 36 hours a week for 31 years.

Denver’s Feral Mountain Co. is raising money to complete their move to a new, bigger space, and if you kick in some money, you can get gift cards and/or a lifetime 20 percent discount at the store (!).

How two Detroit Lions befriended Marvin Gaye and helped inspire “What’s Going On.” Also how Marvin Gaye tried out for the Detroit Lions.

The 33 Greatest Musical Moments in ‘Dazed and Confused’

An ode to powder skiing

I still can’t believe these two guys who found a banner belonging to the Boston Red Sox aren’t trolling everyone. (video)


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