Friday Inspiration, Vol. 148

screen capture from NPR Invisibilia - The Power of Expectations

Three minutes on how expectations affect your life (video):

A young woman’s journey of self-discovery … to discover that she hates traveling in big groups.

Sarah Gilman writes and illustrates the story of Eileen Muza, the only resident of Cisco, Utah:

“Everybody wants to put their name on something. I think that’s what art is about:

“Here I am.

“I’m alive right now.

Look what I made.

I dedicate this Twitter review of The Breakfast Club to anyone who’s ever given a bad review to a book or movie because of the title, including the guy who shit on my book The New American Road Trip Mixtape because it had nothing to do with making actual mixtapes.

This is the best Missy Elliott duet ever.

Just imagine getting towed on your bicycle to a speed of 100+ mph, then getting unhooked and pedaling until you hit 183 mph.

Drawing both makes you a better human being and is the best way to learn (even if you suck at it).

You’re not old—this 558-million-year-old animal is old.


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