Friday Inspiration, Vol. 145

If you’re a geek for libraries, this place will probably look like heaven to you. (video)

I feel confident in saying this is probably one of the more touching stories you’ll ever read about Pizza Hut, or at least Pizza Huts in China

This tough story about a climber and university lecturer battling his opioid addiction has been popping up in my feed a lot in the last few days, for good reason

Hey, not everybody’s a morning person, and that’s OK

James Hamblin, MD, explores the idea of an all-beef diet (no, for real, 100% beef, no other foods)

A look at the life of a celebrity pig

How summer hit songs have all started to sound similar—but might be becoming more diverse again

How an 11-year-old’s science project is stopping the contamination of a river in Nova Scotia