Friday Inspiration, Vol. 144

Here’s 3 minutes of incredible scenery in Scotland to brighten your day (video)

Do you have “slowness rage”?

Prepare your Holy-Shit-o-Meter for this Twitter thread about rejection.

This 1976 National Geographic map of the Lower 48 is pretty great.

This collaboration between Toms and So Ill to make the first Toms climbing shoe and get kids climbing has already met its crowdfunding goal two times over for good reason.

David Sedaris to the advice for artists to “have something to fall back on”: “I think if you find something to fall back on, you’re gonna … fall back.” Also, how he had a benign tumor removed so he could feed it to a snapping turtle. (video)

Are you listening to The Firn Line, Evan Phillips’ podcast about the lives of mountain climbers? It just started its second season.

How astronaut Leland Melvin smuggled his dogs into his official NASA photo shoot.

How to say “no” gracefully (podcast)

FiveThirtyEight: The Cleveland Browns’ Suckiness Defies Math And Reason