Friday Inspiration, Vol. 143

screen capture of personal project video

Yay, I’ve got some time to work on a personal project. Now what should I do? (Video)

Joe Rogan interviewing Henry Rollins is now one of my favorite podcast episodes of the year for many reasons, one of which being that Rollins reveals that he hates talking on the phone but still talks to his friend, punk legend Ian MacKaye, every Sunday.

A cartographer is making maps of the UK’s national parks in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien (when will he do the U.S. national parks?)

Are we all just taking the same 50 Instagram photos?

Inside the world of speedcubing (solving Rubik’s cubes in a matter of a few seconds)

I have to say, this is a pretty convincing argument for the city of Buffalo being a legit American pizza Mecca.

Minoru Mukaiya has composed jingles that play in 110 of Tokyo’s train stations (video).

Cartoonist Tom Chitty depicts life in an affordable hotel room

This running club is making Shanghai cleaner and it’s wonderful.


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