Friday Inspiration, Vol. 142

screen capture from For The Love Of Mary

“The rules of our running group is that if I collapse, you make sure I’m dead before you call 911.” (video)

A fascinating use of maps and graphics to show how the United States uses its land (at least the Lower 48, anyway)

Jake Thompson of Jake Likes Onions, one of my favorite cartoonists, has a new book available for pre-order.

A bestselling author wrestles with the bittersweetness of his young son’s learning to read on his own.

“The races I prefer are the long ones so there’s plenty of time for entertaining myself with lots of types of thoughts. A lot of time when it’s getting harder, it will just become focused on moving and reminding myself that I’m fine. I guess if I had a mantra it might just be you’re fine, you’re fine, you’re doing fine, this is fine.”
record-setting ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter

Is emotional intelligence just as important as training for endurance races?

Here’s the trailer for Free Solo, the Nat Geo documentary about Alex Honnold.

“[Gwyneth Paltrow’s] newsletter was at first kind of mainstream New Age-forward. It had some kooky stuff in it, but nothing totally outrageous. It was concerned with basic wellness causes, like detoxes and cleanses and meditation. It wasn’t until 2014 that it began to resemble the thing it is now, a wellspring of both totally legitimate wellness tips and completely bonkers magical thinking: advice from psychotherapists and advice from doctors about how much Vitamin D to take (answer: a lot! Too much!) and vitamins for sale and body brushing and dieting and the afterlife and crystals and I swear to God something called Psychic Vampire Repellent, which is a ‘sprayable elixir’ that uses ‘gem healing’ to something something ‘bad vibes.’”


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