Friday Inspiration, Vol. 141

screen capture from CATS! A Travel Music Video

You don’t have to love cats or off-key singing to love this film (video):

Yes, animals do use wildlife crossings (includes a photo of Australia’s 5-meter-high bridge for crabs)

Lucy Walker climbed the Matterhorn in 1871 in hobnail boots—and a dress.

This may be my new all-time favorite essay about writing a book

How safe is riding your bike? By one metric, it’s safer than going to the gym and using exercise equipment.

“After two years of Instagram Stories, holidays, which could once offer a reprieve from using social media, have become a documentary that opens with the 4am taxi to the airport, moves onto the first ice cold beer held in front of the deep blue sea and then charts every moment – exciting or bland – until you land back home (‘Take me back!’).”

“I know a lot of writers. Only a few of us speak as we write. Shit, on a bad day, we can’t even write as we are supposed to write.” (Thanks, Alex)

This guy has it nailed: “When I’m heading home at night, sometimes I think: ‘I just had the best day of my life.’”

More than 12 million people have watched this video of a dog running with a GoPro in its mouth.

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