Friday Inspiration, Vol. 140

still from "Solos"

You might have a suspicion that this film is not exactly what it seems, and you might be able to confirm that around the 1:45 mark (video):

I scrolled through every one of these 50 photos from 1988.

Steve Casimiro somehow finds time to break down his whirlwind days at the Outdoor Retailer trade show this week.

RIP Jonathan Gold, the writer who re-shaped food criticism.

“At the moment, Los Angeles is the city that best embodies the world my generation grew up in, shaped by fusion and hip-hop, white flight and the internet, tacos and kimchi, debt and ambition, capitalism with no entry level and real estate out of reach — a rough-edged, enduring beacon and a city very much worth fighting for, and which has always been fought for, in the battle for inclusion and civil rights.” (Also a tribute to Jonathan Gold)

NBD, dude just skied K2.

An Uber driver (and sociology student) made Spotify playlists for every “type” of passenger he picks up.

A bike touring Instagrammer (with a day job) responds to comments accusing her of being a jobless hipster who can just go ride her bike all the time: use your weekends to do cool stuff, like she does.

World record gathering of Golden Retrievers to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the breed, if you’re into that sort of thing

Maps of the spread of the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions


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