Friday Inspiration, Vol. 139

screen capture from Searching For Christmas Tree

I had the pleasure of watching this film last fall and being on the jury at the Kendal Mountain Festival China to give it the Best Climbing Film award (video):

Pop song lyrics made into graphics

“In this era of mindfulness, and today’s preoccupation with pursuing a meaningful life, a new antidote has emerged to cure the doldrums of midlife: creativity.

“I have to be honest, when you go telling people you want to save the world, they often say, ‘That sounds nice, but I don’t have the time,’” he said. “But if there is this aspect of, ‘Do you want your toaster fixed, and while you’re having that done, can we talk about saving the world?’ they tend to be more receptive.”

Chip Thomas is a hero and if you don’t follow his work, I think you should.

“I just wanna fucking survive. I don’t need to be number one. I don’t need to beat the fuck out of somebody. I don’t need to be ahead. I just want to still be here at the end of the fuckin’ day, doing what I’m doing, without anybody hassling me.” —Anthony Bourdain

My friend Kris Hampton, climbing coach, rapper, emcee, former professional mural painter, podcaster, and father, sits down for an interview on the Explore Inspired podcast.

Chris Reichel on his resolution to get more comfortable with hugs.


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