Friday Inspiration, Vol. 138

Where do hallucinations come from? (video)

A collection of classic New York Times essays about surfing.

Unlikely Hikers is an antidote: a climber perched on a rock gym, wearing a hijab and tape over her amputated right arm; a black Denali National Park ranger with his mom, who took her first plane ride to Alaska to go on her first hike; a selfie of founder Jenny Bruso in a rain jacket, drenched and unsmiling.”

I chatted with the folks at Central Time on Wisconsin Public Radio last week about the lifelong pursuit of being funny.

“We had reached a point during that time where it was like, ahh, maybe this isn’t the best idea. Maybe live instrumentation with me rapping over it wasn’t the best plan. There weren’t very many other artists who were doing that at the time and, I don’t know, sometimes you second-guess yourself.”
Black Thought on the early years of The Roots

All 200 Drake songs, ranked.

DJ Jazzy Jeff released his 9th annual Summertime Mixtape. You can listen to all of them here.

I promise you’ll learn something/many things from this essay about flatulence on the subway.


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