Friday Inspiration, Vol. 135

“Dogs, in general, are so resilient. They’re so much braver than we are. They take hell with such class.” —Lya Battle, whose sanctuary is home to more than 1,000 stray dogs (video)

“For me, the most important thing I learned about anything, really, was as a dishwasher. I learned to show up on time. To show respect for the people I work with. I learned to become a guy who, if I say I’m going to meet you tomorrow at 8:00 to see a movie, I will be there at 8:00. A simple lesson. But I really took that to heart, working hard and enjoying the respect and the camaraderie of the people I work with—that was a big transformation for me as a wastrel kid.”
Anthony Bourdain to Marc Maron in 2011

“And yet Phil Collins still has the ability to start arguments. While the man himself has largely disappeared from pop music, what he signifies about pop continues to loom large. He’s a go-to metaphor, a potent symbol for critical dissertations on taste, revisionism, the perils of overexposure, the emptiness of yuppie culture, the surprising popularity of blue-eyed soul among black audiences, the emotional resonance of drum machines, the nostalgic allure of vintage Disney soundtracks, and so much more. The central question of Collins’s career remains the same: ‘Does this guy deserve to be hated?’

Instead of trying to eat fewer cookies, maybe just don’t keep cookies at your house (or your desk)

This might be one of my new favorite comic websites.

Drew Magary shares his Twitter followers’ best stories about getting into a fight. The meatloaf one is my favorite.

Breaking down the construction of well-written stories.

Writer Kyle Dickman didn’t plan on getting bit by a rattlesnake, but it turned into a hell of a story.