Friday Inspiration, Vol. 134

Billy Yang takes a look at the Born To Run Ultra Marathons (video):

My friend Jeff Thrope writes about his move from L.A. to an off-the-grid house an hour from Santa Fe.

Thirty comedians give advice to their younger selves, while looking at photos of their younger selves.

Brody Leven does a solo bikepacking tour in Montana (video)

The Salton Sea is a dust bomb that has already begun going off.”

If you like sneakers, hip hop, and/or basketball, you might be interested in Bobbito Garcia’s Rock Rubber 45s documentary.

The Pudding takes a statistical look at how bands make it big, and how long it takes them.

The ultimate out-of-office auto reply: I’m deleting all the emails I receive while I’m on vacation.

How a behavioral psychologist influenced how (some) cities are designed, by talking about focusing on people instead of cars and buildings.