Friday Inspiration, Vol. 127

Friday Inspiration Vol 127

Yes, we’d all be better off if we climbed—or at least looked up at—trees more often (video):

This is a lovely chillhop live stream

One writer tries to live without artificial light for three weeks.

Henry Canyons’ new album will make your day/week/life better.

Standing in forests and digging in dirt are good for you and your immune system.

MTV is bringing back Yo! MTV Raps.

New Yorker cartoons with Kanye West tweets for captions.

Who Said It: Middle-Aged Woman or Teenage Boy?

My friends Dan and Janine Patitucci have launched a new website about trail running in the Alps, which, even if you don’t run, will probably make you want to visit and/or move there.

This website has been stealing and reposting my blog posts for a few weeks now. Sometimes they use some sort of bot to substitute synonyms for different words, resulting in some fairly hilarious prose—like changing “the Big Bang” to “Large Bang” and the “Bright Angel Trail” to the “Shiny Angel Path” in my post about the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim from a couple weeks ago.


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