Friday Inspiration, Vol. 124

Blue Ridge Outdoors profiles Forest and Canyon Woodward as they run their first 50-mile race (video):

Do yourself a favor and listen to this wonderful jazz/hip hop mixtape based off Ahmad Jamal’s The Awakening.

Andrew Hamilton crushed out summits of all the Colorado 14ers in a single winter this year, and he says: “I’ve got my kids every other week, so I’ve been trying to climb for a week, come home for a week, climb for a week, come home for a week. If there’s a bad weather day, I have to find something to climb, or make up for it if I miss it.”

In REI’s new Take It From Me podcast, each interview guest has to interview the guest for the next episode—and I got to be the first guest.

“‘At present,’ he told me, ‘there is no good evidence to prove there are negative long-term health consequences from ultramarathon running.’ But are ultramarathon runners doing it to be healthy? No one I spoke to cited that as the reason.”

This is one of the greatest Twitter threads of all time.

Swift Industries wants you to go bike camping, wherever you are, on June 23 and 24.

IRunFar’s Bryon Powell remembers Bill Dooper, ultrarunning’s “Ultimate Fan,” who died this week at age 83.

Satellite images of earth from oblique angles

“On Baxter Street, whether you’re heading up the steepest incline from Allesandro on the west side of the peak, or Lakeshore on the east side, you don’t see pavement in front of you through the windshield. You see sky, like you’re on a moon shot, blind to what might be coming at you from the other side of the mountain.”