Friday Inspiration, Vol. 123

If you’re not familiar with Chip Thomas’s work, here’s your chance (video):

(Thanks, Chris)

Does Having A Day Job Mean Making Better Art?

“I know this: The farther you stray from bouldering comps, the less being a good climber has to do with solely pulling hard moves.”
Kelly Cordes

How Mike Foote skied up and down 61,200 vertical feet in 24 hours a couple weeks ago.

I had a wonderful chat with Eric Schranz and Sarah Lavender Smith on the Ultrarunner Podcast—we even managed to talk about running a little bit.

And I know I’m getting this backwards by doing a ton of trail/ultrarunning and then reading up on how to do it, but I’m loving Sarah’s book about it.

“I would highly encourage you, if you’re an artist, if you’re a creative, to shut down all your social media accounts. Turn them off. Devote every single second of that energy to creating that one or two things that you have a long-term vision, and that you love doing consistently. If you do that, I think all that extra time that you devote to your art, your craft, whatever you’re creative at, will exponentially increase and trump anything social media could ever do for you.”

“So we get there and we, this bunch of white kids from Manhattan dressed in Puma suits, step out of the limo. The first comment we heard was, ‘Who the fuck are you guys, Menudo?’”
Mike D, reminiscing about the absurdity of the young Beastie Boys

Here’s a touching illustrated story about family.

Cy Whitling is making a coloring book for people who love mountains—you can pre-order it here.

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