Friday Inspiration, Vol. 121

Friday Inspiration Vol 121

Well, here’s a nifty-as-hell three minutes of Grand Canyon timelapses (video)

“The Big Lebowski came out in the days before smartphones and Twitter and YouTube and push notifications. But even then, it recognized that we all needed to slow down just a little bit. To just chill. That is what The Dude taught me.

WebMD is a common disease in North America that is transmitted through irrational fear. It can cause anywhere between 1 to 9,803,493 symptoms in three or four mouse clicks.”

How a Group of Journalists Turned Hip-Hop Into a Literary Movement

“Old people know what makes them happy. And they do it. We have plenty of things we enjoy… and we never seem to get around to them. People we love… that we don’t make time to see. Older folks definitely miss out on some new stuff. And that might seem boring. But “new” often disappoints. And if your goal is to be happy, then why not do what you know will work?”
—Eric Barker, This Is How To Find Joy: 4 Simple Secrets To The Good Life

If this isn’t a case for exercising into your 80s, I don’t know what is.

Jeremy Collins’ company Meridian Line is making jeans that you can climb in (or not climb in, if you’d like). You can pre-order a pair here.


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