Friday Inspiration, Vol. 118

Friday Inspiration Vol 118

Maybe you wouldn’t call Ben Page’s bike trip “fun,” but you might agree with some of the people who thought this was a pretty great film. (video)

Dani Shapiro on writing and social media (and/or writing vs. social media?)

If you are not already following Thoughts of Dog on Twitter, you should be.

“My friend kept telling me — rapping, you know, rappers?” he said. “Imagine trying to explain rap and you’re one of the only people who experienced it. When I heard Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s ‘Super Rappin,’ it was like I got struck by lightning. I felt these kids were talking to me.”
Reggie Osse, 1969-2017

“The point was to break a familiar cycle of misery: illness reduces people’s ability to socialise, which leads in turn to isolation and loneliness, which then exacerbates illness.”

Data: If you’re a man, chances are your favorite song is from when you were 14. If you’re a woman, chances are it’s from when you were 13.

Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell, Reimagined for Linguistic Transgressions



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