Friday Inspiration, Vol. 117

friday inspiration vol 117

Go to this powder happy place for three minutes: (video)

“When you have more information, requests and emails than you can possibly deal with, it is an insurmountable problem, and you have to find a way of resolving it at an emotional level, which is: let go.”

Sarah Gilman on leaving Colorado and learning to love the landscape (and moisture) of the Pacific Northwest.

“Most people plateau at a certain stage of their development. They stop dealing with the highs, lows, and transitions of growth. Instead, they seek the safety of stability. This safety shields them from the risks, pain, and seeking that is required for growth. Growth isn’t supposed to feel good in the moment.

While you’re figuring out what you really want in life (i.e. today and probably the rest of your life), here are seven universal things you can work on.

Applications for the first Kyle Dempster Solo Adventure Award are now open through March 15.

Paleolithic parents: Is it time to start thinking about limiting the time your child spends using fire?

Holy shit this New Yorker story about Henry Worsley’s solo journey across Antarctica is long but man is it good.


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