Friday Inspiration, Vol. 116

friday inspiration vol 116

Nas + the National Symphony Orchestra performing Illmatic (video):

“We see creation as magic when, in fact, it’s about work.”
The Creativity Delusion: There is no Genius

How to stop forgetting all the stuff you read.

Even if you’re not into basketball, this is a pretty great project.

Check out Tree Mountain, a human-made mountain 125 feet high covered in 11,000 trees planted in a configuration according to the Golden Ratio.

“This is boring, but the greatest thing for me — and I see this with young writers sometimes, that they don’t have — is I had to write constantly. It was very good on a sentence-by-sentence level and at establishing voice.”
NYTimes Styles editor Choire Sicha

Twelve African countries at the edge of the Sahara are banding together to build a 4,750-mile long wall of trees to prevent the spread of the desert.


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