Friday Inspiration, Vol. 113

friday inspiration vol 113

Clean your computer screen and watch these amazing overhead visuals of earth (including some mine tailings ponds and neighborhoods) shot from the bottom of a jet in 8K (video):

“I would say the term ‘doggo’ caught on because of the rise of the wholesome meme. In the aftermath of the election, and even in 2016, there was this idea that the internet is becoming a more hostile or less friendly place. So here’s this kind of feel-good meme that’s becoming popular because no one can disagree with the fact that this doggo is cute.”

“Mountains are inherently dangerous. But just as free speech makes a place for disgusting speech, wild places need to make a place for irresponsible activity. It is our life, after all. Right? Not really. Our right to life doesn’t always include our right to risk it. If that thought doesn’t feel strange to you, think about it again. It should.”

Drew Petersen skis the high points of the western U.S.—and is thankful he lived to tell about it.

“When you do send someone an email, if they don’t reply within 15 minutes, send them a text to let them know about the email you just sent.”
—JP Sears on phone etiquette in 2018 (video)

Andrew McLean lists the top 10 bad backcountry skiing habits.

Hey, make sure you stop at that stop sign or you might hit the median at full speed and LAUNCH YOUR CAR INTO THE SECOND FLOOR OF A DENTAL OFFICE

A long, personal (and probably enlightening) story about a Filipino family’s differing views on President Rodrigo Duterte

“It felt like I had fit myself into somebody else’s version of the dream. … the more time I spent chasing down the facade of success, the less creating I was actually doing.”
—Casey Neistat (video)

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