Friday Inspiration, Vol. 112

friday inspiration vol 112

This might be a little bit of my nostalgia for this old Avalanches track, but I dig this skate short (video):

How a small town in Pennsylvania’s Amish country became home to the companies that build stage setups for the world’s biggest concerts (and the evolution in music that makes touring necessary for musicians)

I’m a little late to the party, but Conversations With People Who Hate Me might be my new favorite podcast (thanks, Nick)

“Many people said a woman couldn’t win a race like this. ‘Bullshit. If you beat ’em, you beat ’em,’ Lael Wilcox says. ‘That’s what happens. And then everybody has to change the way they think.’”

Bejabbers! Here’s a list of 10 old-school swears to put some variety in that filthy mouth of yours.

Please enjoy this not-so-new but new to me Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip mixtape from 2013 (thanks, Josh)

Watch Seattle’s building boom over the last three years through Ricardo Martin Brualla’s time-lapse video shot with a 360-degree webcam mounted on top of the Space Needle.

Three Black Diamond athlete-endorsed backcountry skiing rituals (including “Pack Your Gear the Night Before”)


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