Friday Inspiration, Vol. 111

friday inspiration vol 111

Steve Ramras’s New Year’s tradition is more fun than yours (video):

“Whereas some cyclists are in a constant state of coveting just one more bike, the whole N+1 thing simply fails to resonate with me. Instead I’ve been fantasizing about returning to the simplicity of my youth, when I had just one trusty steed to which I turned for all my two-wheeled adventures.”

Bad comma placement on parking ticket = no parking ticket

There’s an Olympics for valet parking.

“My electric bike hasn’t replaced my road bike as much as it’s replaced my car.”

Ryan from Desk To Dirtbag created an Adventure Side Hustle Calculator for you.

“It’s a disease,” he told New York magazine in 1977. “I get an attack, something like a panic, of book-buying. I simply must keep fresh used books flowing over my shelves. And every day the clerks weed out the unsalable stuff from the shelves and bins and we throw it out. Tons of dead books go out nightly. And I bought ’em. But I just have to make room for fresh stock to keep the shelves lively.”
Fred Bass, owner of The Strand, 1928-2017

What would make your city Instagram-famous? A huge sign, probably.

Is the pourover dying?


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