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Friday Inspiration, Vol. 110

I was recently on the jury for the Nanshan International Mountain Film Festival, and we awarded the grand prize to this film (warning, it’s 35 minutes): (video)

“Joan attempted to lighten the mood and cracked a dark joke. ‘You could start a new bike racing team,’ she told Wally. ‘Hospice Racing.’ Everyone laughed at the morbid absurdity of the suggestion, a bike racing team for people who are dying. Peter chimed in, ‘Your tagline could be, “Bury the competition.”’”

I sat down with Brendan Madigan of Alpenglow Sports to chat about writing, climbing, and connecting with people for the fourth episode of the Afterglow podcast.

“$887 billion. That’s the economic impact of the [outdoor] industry, and we wear it like a badge of honor. But there’s a problem with that approach. Nobody else fucking cares.”
—Jimmy Funkhouser, Feral Mountain Co.

2017: The year the playlist became more important than the album.

The Best Memes of 2017

How airline safety videos have gone from boring to high-production (and sometimes bizarre) pop-culture pieces.


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