Friday Inspiration, Vol. 109

semi-rad friday inspiration vol 109

Oh, the joy of being right. Kind of. (video)

A very different, well-told, story about Mt. Everest: bringing two bodies down from high on the mountain.

Washington Post food Tom Sietsema visited the top 10 chain restaurants in the U.S. to review and rank them. Denny’s did pretty well.

My friend Moe tells three characters’ stories through 2-minute audio slideshows.

If you haven’t seen Black Thought’s freestyle that set the internet on fire last week, well, here’s me saying that you should watch a couple minutes of it.

How Craig Fowler became the first person to complete the thru-hiking Triple Crown AND the bikepacking Triple Crown.

A writer reflects on a list of things he hopes to do differently than his parents in his later years.

All 31 Steven Spielberg movies, ranked.


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