Friday Inspiration Vol 108

Friday Inspiration, Vol. 108

I think you might find this film entertaining and/or funny and/or strangely aesthetic, but don’t hate me if you think it’s ridiculous. (H/T Ignite Boulder)(video):

Am I Really Planning to Attend Your Event? A Guide

Writers and editors remember working with, and being influenced by, David Foster Wallace (appropriately, it’s a long article).

If you’re a music geek at all, you will probably dig this Vox breakdown of how J Dilla made his MPC3000 a musical instrument worthy of the Smithsonian. (video)

“Presented with all these pictures of beautiful trailers in majestic settings, it’s easy to fall for the narrative that you can buy freedom. I know how easy it is: I’m a former Airstream dweller.”

30 Facts About Die Hard, that popular Bruce Willis holiday movie (Hans Gruber was Alan Rickman’s first feature film role!)

“While voicing a concern is generally a step in the right direction, by itself, it’s also one of the most futile things you can do. In fact, quite often, it’s counterproductive. It leads to pessimism without change.”


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