semi-rad friday inspiration volume 107

Friday Inspiration, Vol. 107

“I started painting with Microsoft Excel in 2000. I set a goal. In 10 years, I wanted to paint something decent that I could show to people.” —Tatsuo Horiuchi (video)

Go ahead and lose an hour reading through The New Yorker’s Not-To-Be-Missed Shouts of 2017.

So much good stuff in this Jay-Z interview by Dean Baquet of the New York Times.

Elizabeth Weil writes about trying to raise her teenage daughter, Hannah—with annotations by Hannah (adventure writer Daniel Duane is Weil’s husband and Hannah’s dad)

Shea Serrano celebrates the little things in Good Will Hunting as it turns 20 this week. In other news, I’m old.

Lifehacker: What’s your best time-saving shortcut or life hack?
Roxanne Gay: I haven’t found one yet.


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