Friday Inspiration, Vol. 106

If only morning commute traffic could flow as well as starling murmurations (video):

If you need an artistic license for your wallet, you can get one here (I just ordered mine).

“Everyone loves a story of the guy selling CDs from the trunk of his car who later plays to sold-out arenas, the girl who made her way busking on street corners, playing coffee shops and bars who later headlines shows. The ignored indie author who later signs with a big publisher, whose book gets made into an award-winning movie. Sturgill, going from King Turd on Shit Mountain to Saturday Night Live, to the Grammy stage to get his award. We like to see ourselves there, too—the chorus of Drake’s ‘Started from the Bottom’ drowning our ears in its fizzy loop, the work done in the dark finally paying off under the brightest lights.”
—Leesa Cross-Smith, Ain’t Half Bad

I love this short film about rats and the search for happiness, but it might be a little bit of a downer depending on your mood/take on the metaphorical “rat race.”

“All the inspirational Instagram quotes, riveting Snapchat stories, and Gary Vaynerchuk-inspired hustle in the world will never define your personal brand the way your work does. Stop trying to tell people who you are and start doing meaningful work that demonstrates it.”

So NYC’s Uptown rats and Downtown rats are actually genetically different.


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